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Project Description
Have you ever wondered how your projects depend on each other, or just downloaded sources from CodePlex and want to know how it fits together?

With the help of Dependency Visualizer you do not have to wonder anymore!

Dependency Visualizer graphically shows the inter-project dependencies between Visual Studio projects as a SVG and/or PNG diagram. Both project and file references are supported and project references are followed recursively.

Support for both Visual Studio 2005 and 2008.
MSBuild compatible project types are supported, but by popular request, it also supports solution files and C++ projects.

I randomly selected the Facebook Toolkit CodePlex project to use as an example. By visualizing the solution file, we get the following diagram where a rectangle indicates a project reference and an oval indicates an assembly reference.

  • Optionally configure Dependency Visualizer from the shortcut in the start menu.
  • Right-click a solution or project file in Windows Exporer.
  • Select 'Visualize Dependencies' from the context menu.
  • The diagram(s) are generated in a Dependencies subdirectory next to the right-clicked project/solution.
  • View the generated SVG and/or PNG diagram in viewer of choice.

Configuration options:
  • Output format
  • Show/hide framework assembly references

  • NET 2.0 runtime

Install using the provided msi file. It is possible to update to a newer version on top of the old one.

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